Katai Geolocate Checkout



This module will geolocate your customer checkout experience, this extension will try to estimate your customer address and pre-fill this in to the checkout.
The goal of the module is to enhance the customer experience and the time the user spends in the checkut by pre-filling their address. Having a pre-filled address will reduce the error that could happen by a user filling in the wrong address.



  1. Download the extension
  2. Disable compiling code
  3. Extract the contents of the folder inside your Magento root
  4. Flush CONFIG cache
  5. Enable / Extension under System > Configuration > KATAI EXTENSIONS > Geolocate checkout and modify to your needs


The Magento extension is provided as is, we're not reliable for any downtimes or malfunctions during the installation of the module, it is at all times adviced to create a back-up of your store (source code, databases) before proceeding with any module upgrade/installment.

Testing of a new module should happen on an enclosed environment to see the direct impact before replicating the behaviour on a production environment


In case of any support questions, please use the contact us page.